Father Kevin’s Reflections – June 28, 2015 – Time For Inquiry & Discovery

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rciaDid you know…in the teaching of the Catholic Church…all baptized persons are called to evangelize? It’s true! This is a teaching that came out of the Second Vatican Council 50 years ago that highlights the understanding: in the Church there is diversity of ministry, but unity of mission (best known today as “the Universal Call (vocation) to Holiness”).

We, the baptized, make up the Church, which is also known as the Mystical Body of Christ. And while we live out our lives in one of three different vocations (married, single or ordained/religious)…and in a wide variety of professions…each one of us is called to bring the Gospel message of Jesus to the world!

We refer to the four Gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) as Evangelists because they shared the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ through their written word.  By the Sacrament of Baptism, we have all been given that same mission, which is to inform others about God and bring them to Him. This can be done through writing, but it’s more likely to be done through speaking to others, and simply by living a good, holy life and letting your actions and choices declare to all those around you of your love for the Lord and the Church.

This is a great time of year to reflect on your mission and consider who in your circle of family, friends and coworkers you could: share your faith with…telling them how important it is to have a living and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. (Some of you have already done this by standing up for a child as a godparent or sponsor.)

Few of you have the honor of being a sponsor of someone who came into the Church through the RCIA process. (And, it is a process of inquiry and discovery.  It is not of process of uncertainty and conformity as some think.) There are many other people who’ve yet to experience, or have fallen away from, the grace and mercy of God as we know it in the Catholic Church. Please begin (or continue) the very important work of evangelizing those around you.

Invite them to attend at the 7:00-8:30 PM get-together (day of the week to be determined) in the church basement for the RCIA classes that will be starting in October (or to attend Mass).

Just think how amazing it would be if at Easter…someone you invited…decided to join our Catholic celebrations and faith! It’s very possible, you know. God wants everyone to be together in the Church established by His Son.

Since you will be seeing friends and family during holiday (and vacation) time…think about bringing those who are away from the Church back home. And be like Jesus who is ridiculed when He brings death to life. Close out those who are preventing you to evangelize (like Jesus did in today’s gospel). Invitation Cards are available in the vestibule. Let’s use the special graces available in this coming Year of Mercy to carry out our mission of evangelizing others so they come to know and love and serve Almighty God.

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