Every life is worth living because every life is gift from God

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BishopSwainby Bishop Paul J. Swain9/30/2015

EVERY Life is Worth Living is the theme for this year’s Respect Life month. Every life means every person beginning at conception, through pregnancy, at birth and all the years after birth until natural death. That is because every life is a gift from God. Deep in our souls is planted that truth. Our secular culture however seeks to bury that truth. Yet truth is truth.

Sometimes instinctive reactions, “gut responses” are teachers. I recall in the days before my conversion when I viewed abortion as simply a matter of personal choice. I visited my doctor’s office. In order to do so I had to walk past a door that had written on it “Madison Abortion Clinic”. I instinctively felt uneasy. Now having been led by the Spirit to the truth that every life is a gift from God to be respected and when necessary supported, I know why I experienced that queasy feeling. Every life is worth living.

I recall visiting my grandmother in a nursing home where she was surrounded with many other elderly dealing with physical and mental challenges. Life is not perfect; suffering is real. Yet the promise of the world to come for those who are faithful offers strength. Watching her deteriorate before my eyes with little I could do about it raised the question common in our day, why go through this. Then she smiled at me. I knew then that her life and all lives are worth living.

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