Father Kevin’s Reflection – May 22, 2016

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TheHolyTrinityAs we celebrate this weekend the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, let us remember the intimate relationship that exists in the Trinity. The same Mystery will be best understood next week as well…as we celebrate Corpus Christi. At Mass we remember this not just in words but actuality: Christ is with us in the Eucharist. Receiving Communion is to receive His grace and strength. Just as we need protein, fruits and vegetables to live a healthy life, so too we need the nourishment that the Eucharist can give to live a healthy spiritual life. I think sometimes we may mistake “grace” as some kind of lightning bolt that upon receipt we can do all things. I leave Mass and, boom! I am a literal Christian superhero. Certainly the feeling we get after Mass or receiving any of the Sacraments should be uplifting and yes, grace can manifest itself in very tangible instances. But grace is also cumulative. As eating well builds our body, grace builds our souls. So that we may feel it after Mass; during a contentious argument; while hearing news of illness or death of a friend or loved one; as well as during moments of great joy where we give thanks for our blessings. Communion brings us together as family and faith; the grace received is exponential.

This is the season of graduations and we will soon celebrate these occasions in full measure.

At graduation a few years back, I quoted from the wise philosopher, Winnie the Pooh, and I wish to recall him again today: “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” May our students always remember, you are a gift from God (as the Apostle James reminds us)…each of you capable of wonderful things.

In turn, what I ask of all our young people as they move on to new adventures is to remember to keep Christ with you. He will always remain a faithful friend…a faithful Brother. Keep open the doors of your heart to Him.   When you keep your heart open to Him…the Mystery of Father and the Holy Spirit comes better experienced.

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