Father Kevin’s Reflection – September 18, 2016

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101_0014I’m reading a new book: “Evangelical Catholicism”. I’ve seen those two words many times before…but I’ve never seen them together…and may I say…it’s about time! Some Protestants refer to themselves as Evangelicals…so what does that word mean? To evangelize means to talk to someone with enthusiasm so they consider your ideas. We Catholics do this all the time when we talk about football, food, friends and fun. It’s too bad we don’t have the same enthusiasm when it comes to our faith at times. My Protestant friends felt very comfortable to include yet another topic…the most important one of all…faith!

Faith is our free response to God’s revelation of Who He is and what He wants us to do to stay united to Him. Faith is essential to our temporary happiness here on earth and to our eternal happiness in Heaven. In fact, there’s nothing else that compares with the gift of Faith. That was the feeling of the four men known as…Evangelists. They were so enthused about what they had learned that they wrote down for all posterity…the Good News that salvation is to be found by believing in Jesus Christ and abiding in Him! But evangelizing didn’t end with them.

Evangelizing is required in every time and place…generation to generation. That means that we…who have heard and know the Good News, are called to share it enthusiastically with others We may be very different in our professions, but we all share the same purpose…which is to get to Heaven and take as many other people with us as possible. God is always there to help us accomplish our purpose and during this Year of Mercy, He is offering special graces to assist us in knowing our Faith, living our Faith, treasuring our Faith and sharing our Faith and to offer the message of Faith with Mercy and charity. Yes, God is offering special graces to help us confidently and enthusiastically discuss the Faith with others…so as to motivate them to appreciate how important faith is and to move them to discover that the fullness of Faith is to be found in the Church that Jesus established 2000 years ago…the Catholic Church.

How will this be done? By Evangelical Catholicism! It is never too late to promote the RCIA classes where we’ll explain the truths and the treasures of the Catholic faith. Please…help us gather many into this process. Be an evangelist by enthusiastically speaking to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers and getting them to come to the classes. Come with them and relearn the faith yourself. Then you will truly be living: Evangelical Catholicism!

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